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Braeburn Photos

This gallery includes lots of photos from around the Fawks property of Braeburn including horses, the family, visitors and other creatures. To view the albums just click on the image displayed.

Ponies & Horses

In the paddocks around Braeburn

Skye's Birds

Chooks, ducks and Turkeys

Skye loves and cares for all the fowl at Braeburn and has taken most of these photos too!


Marrema who "looks after" everything at Braeburn. She is terrified of thunder - the first photo in the album is of her trying to get into the house through the wood box door to get away from the thunder. At this point she was stuck like Winnie the Pooh in Rabbits hole. We had to remove the drawer and most the wood to get her in.


Kitty came with the house much to Skye's delight. She loves to sleep by the fire in the winter and out somewhere warm in summer. Often will come for a walk with us, and regularly gets in the house via the wood box, but she just sleeps through the thunder (preferably by the fire)!

No Longer with us

Burrowa Arvarck

Part Cob Mare (50%)
Foaling Date: 11/09/2004
Sire: Burrowa Sportsman's Last
Dam: Elect's Becky (Thoroughbred)

Sold May 2014 to do eventing

Westbury Hannah

Our sweet Hannah who Left for new home early 2013

Glenview Silver Nightlight

Sold late 2012

Arilpa Montana - "Zac"

17-12-1995 to 7-11-2012

Best friend of Fern for many years.
Zac, you are sadly missed by us all.
-- Rest in Peace --

From the Past

This is "lisa" who we leased for about a year, with Fern, Skye and Kate after Pony Club in 2005.

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